Get Your Creative Juices Flowing. Today.

Are you starting your morning off dreading going to work? If so, challenge yourself to identify what it is that is causing the dread. If you don’t know what you dislike, how are you going to fix it?

If your dread comes from the fact that you are too creative to be stuck behind a desk, following policies, and going to long meetings, it’s time to start a little side project.

The side project will help you get some of those creative juices flowing, be an outlet for your stress and boredom, and perhaps even help transition you into a new career you love. Thus, making your time at the office more enjoyable knowing you have something to look forward to after hours.

If you have a cause you are passionate about, start a blog about it TODAY. (There is never a good time to start a project, the time will never be “right” if you don’t just start now). If you are an artist or enjoy making short films, start a project today and see where it leads you.

Over time, you will probably end up meeting someone in your network who needs whatever it is you have to offer. Or, it may just be enough of an outlet to be satisfied with your day job. Better yet, it could transition you into following your own creative talents into a full out career.

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