Rest in Peace Mr. G

Happy Friday!

I’m glad the week is coming to a close.  Today is an unusual Friday for me as I’m attending the wake of a local business owner who passed away.  At the age of only 63, he just never woke up from a night’s sleep.

Mr. Graziano is the 4th generation owner of J.P. Graziano Grocery Company which has THE best (and most reasonably priced) prosciutto sandwiches in the city of Chicago.  Like me, he comes from a very Italian family and worships great food and his family.  He has worked with his dear wife for most of his life and their relationship is one everyone looked up to.  Seeing his face light up while describing a certain olive oil or hot pepper was always entertaining to everyone in our neighborhood.

So last night when I was tempted to get frustrated about the disagreement I was having at home, I thought twice about it.  I thought about all the things in my life I have to be thankful for, and it made any negative thoughts I was having evaporate into thin air.  Life is too short and too delicate to waste time on the small stuff.  With that, make it a great Friday!

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