Latte for a Cause, or not?

44356-starbucksYou can feel a little less guilty about buying your $4 Skinny Latte today.  In honor of World AIDS Day today, Starbucks is donating 5 cents of every “hand crafted beverage” to the Global Fund to help save lives in Africa.  If you’ve missed the boat on buying a beverage today, the promotion will continue through January 2 when you buy a Peppermint Mocha Twist, Gingersnap Latte, or Espresso Truffle drink from Starbucks. 


Starbucks has joined “Project Red” which donates money to help fight AIDS in Africa.  You’ve probably seen many other brands are joining the cause as well including Gap, Apple, Hallmark, Converse, and Emporio Armani. 


Similar to buying “green,” buying “red” just means that you are doing something good with a purchase you were already going to make.  I think it’s great that large companies are attempting to be globally responsible.  At the same time, I think Project Red is an ingenious marketing and branding strategy. 


Corporate global responsibility is highly valued among Gen Y consumers, therefore participants of Project Red will stand out to consumers who care, while increasing sales for a cause.  Plus, participant brands are getting TONS of media coverage over days like today where a measly 5 cents per $4 drink is donated…interesting concept. 


 Who are we really helping when we buy that Latte?


One response to “Latte for a Cause, or not?

  1. Yep..I’ll admit I used this as an excuse to make a Starbucks trip the other day. Come on…nothing wrong with that!

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