Shop this Cyber Monday

I love online shopping because it is THE only way for me to shop like a guy-I go in, get what I need, and get out. When I go into a brick and mortar store, I usually come out with 10 extra items and forget what I originally went in for. Oops. This method is not a good one when shopping on a budget!

Many people will return to their desks today and participate in the largest online shopping day of the year, commonly referred to as Cyber Monday.

11457aIf there is one website you go to today, it is The Tie Bar sells 100% silk, handmade woven neckties for only $15 bucks. Along with hundreds of great patterns, colors and styles, The Tie Bar also has XL ties, cufflinks and boys ties. If you’re shopping for a wedding party, The Tie bar has ties that match bridesmaids’ dresses too.

So make the men in your life proud and buy them a Tie Bar Tie today. Cross them off your long holiday shopping list. Your boyfriend will have everyone in his office fooled when he shows up looking like a million bucks in his $15 tie.

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