Dave Ramsey Books For $10!

If you’re looking to get a head start on achieving your financial goals in 2009 or still have some holiday shopping to do, consider buying financial expert Dave Ramsey’s books for only $10-wow!

Dave Ramsey is a fabulous personal finance expert who has been through his own share of debt and now helps others take baby steps to get out of debt, start saving and achieve their financial goals. As a disclaimer, I will say that Dave is a straight up guy who will tell you like it is, even if you don’t want to hear it. He is also very conservative and his teachings are Christian based.

I’m hoping you have started writing down your financial goals for 2009. Writing down your goals and re-visiting them regularly is the first step to achieving them. From there, you will need information and support so why not start with a $10 book.

I was listening to Dave’s talk show today on XM radio and it sounds like a great place to start is with his book called “The Total Money Makeover.” I’m sure we could all benefit from a Money Makeover in 2009!

One response to “Dave Ramsey Books For $10!

  1. Dave’s advice is fantastic, down to earth practical advice. My number one finance book!

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