6 responses to “Make Mine a Million $ Business Race

  1. Nicole – thanks for supporting Count Me In and The Make Mine a Million $ Business Race! I’m looking forward to encouraging each other as we “race” to our revenue goals for 2009 and hopefully win some cool prizes while we learn to be smarter business women! Also, thanks for your glowing review. You are a gem to work with and I look forward to helping you again in the future!
    Career Girls – YOU GO GIRL!

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  3. I second your comments about Leah – she is fabulous. Leah and I met through Make Mine a Million (the perfect place for any woman who wants to grow her business and join a community of like-minded fabulous women).
    Your logo and banner are absolutely adorable.
    Thanks for spreading the word about the Make Mine a Million $ Business RACE and Happy New Year!

  4. Well, high time more such communities come up to support women with their career and other stuff. Specially mothers who find it difficult to manage both work and children. Found an interesting article about mommy executives at:


    You may find it interesting

  5. Thanks very interesting post, good info.

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