Tales of “Woe” from Girls Who Date Bankers

My sister sent me a link to a New York Times article which I found as oddly addicting and bizarre as an issue of US Weekly. The article is called, “It’s The Economy, Girlfriend.”
The article highlights a group of twentysomething aged women in New York City who started a support group called “Dating a Banker Anonymous” and a blog. The women who started DABA noticed their romantic relationships with investment bankers and traders tanked with the economy. The women said that as the economy went down, the stock market shed points, and jobs were being cut on Wall Street their sex lives, gifts and date nights were cut as well.

Their blog is totally funny and addicting. Women write in to tell their dating stories and misfortunes of having their trips to foreign countries cut, their bottle service being eliminated and how sad it is that someone would want to move to the Midwest for a more affordable lifestyle. There is even a story that mirrors a segment that aired on Good Morning America yesterday which tells the story of a 24 year old girl who is dating a married millionaire who enjoys trips and designer gifts from her “sugar daddy.” When he is faced with having to eliminate 20 people at work, all of which have children to support, she whines that he isn’t getting her enough stuff anymore.

Although the stories are fun to read, they definitely make me question what was significant enough about these stories of “misfortune” and high expectations to make the New York Times?  While most of America is losing their job, their home and their retirement accounts, the New York Times is highlighting a tiny group of twentysomething ladies who are no longer receiving Louis Vuitton bags, bottle service, Manolo Blahniks and trips to Italy from their boyfriends. Seems out of balance. Apparently the public is ready for an escape from reality though, which might explain why these girls already got a book deal.

The concept that the DABA girls created is absolutely entertaining. Unfortunately, I don’t think it promotes financially savvy and independent women. Then again, the girls’ experiences of dating rich men was enough to get them a book deal and perhaps they can start buying their own Louis Vuittons now!

4 responses to “Tales of “Woe” from Girls Who Date Bankers

  1. Yeah, considering all the real hardship so many people are going through, its kind of annoying that the NYT and a publishing house would give more attention to these girls who obviously don’t have any concept of reality…

  2. Hi Nicole! I had to comment because I worked under one of the girls while at Lucky magazine. She’s the sweetest girl ever, really. And her attitude doesn’t reflect the way this all sounds.

    Also, the NYT is famous for doling on the rich and all their exploits. In Dec. they wrote about “partying like it was 1929,” focusing on the quaint idea of shopping at Kmart. Because, gosh, no one real does that.

    I’m not sure if you read NPR’s response suggesting that DABA is either satire (like the Leveraged Sellout blog) or a total hoax/ploy for attention. http://www.npr.org/blogs/monkeysee/2009/01/is_dating_a_banker_anonymous_f.html?ft=1&f=93568166

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