Obama’s New Stimulus Plan and YOU.

o_stimulusb4a4cf1c-b4ac-4afe-9d99-caa0dea07075Here’s a brief breakdown of how the new stimulus plan could help you!

  • First-time homebuyers who purchase their homes before December 1, 2009 would be eligible for an $8,000 tax credit, and people who buy new cars before the end of the year can write off the sales taxes.
  • College students-or their parents- are eligible for tax credits of up to $2,500 to help pay tuition and related expenses in 2009 and 2010.
  • We can expect to see about $13 extra in our weekly paychecks, starting around June, thanks to the new $400 tax credit to be given through the rest of the year. Couples would get up to $800.
  • Those receiving un-employmet benefits this year wouldn’t pay any federal income taxes on the first $2,400 they receive.
  • For those who have lost their health insurance as a result of losing their job, the government will now pick up up the tab for 65% of the cost of continuing insurance through the COBRA plan for the first nine months while you look for a new job. COBRA is typically very expensive, often over $1,000 per month so this is a huge cost savings for job seekers.
  • Homeowners who add energy-efficient windows, furnaces and air conditioners can get a tax credit to cover 30% of the costs, up to a total of $1,500.

Information from the Associated Press.

One response to “Obama’s New Stimulus Plan and YOU.

  1. Unspoken Wordz

    Like I have been telling people since before the election, Obama is going to change everything as we know it. Obama is going to be the greates President this country ever had.

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