About Nicole

img_07943Thanks for visiting Career Girls!

I’m Nicole, a Commercial Banker who has always been passionate about empowering women. I studied Finance and Entrepreneurship at Miami University (Ohio) and then eagerly started my first job in the “real world” two weeks after graduation. It didn’t take long for me to learn that the real world is not exactly what I thought it would be like in college.

Along with talking to women about their careers, I have always been interested in money, building wealth and business but noticed many other girls seemed afraid of it. Therefore I’ve made it my personal mission to educate women about their finances.

These passions inspired me to start my first business, Ms. Career Girl, in 2008.  Ms. Career Girl is a FELA (Financial Education Literacy Advisers) company which works closey with The Mindset for Wealth to empower individuals – regardless of their economic profile – to make sound financial decisions every day.

Check out my featured Finance and Entrepreneurship column on womenco.com and feel free to email me anytime!

Happy reading!



8 responses to “About Nicole

  1. Nicole,

    Love what I see so far. Have you thought about signing up with feedburner so folks can subscribe to you?

    I’d like to add you to my google reader daily digest.

  2. The Writerbabe

    Hello Nicole,

    Your blog looks great. If you like, we can exchange blogroll links.

  3. Hi Nicole!

    Love the blog! I hope your hair is doing good, it was so nice to meet you last week!

  4. Alex! So glad you are enjoying it. Ladies, Alex is the best stylist in Chicago. I highly recommend you go to her for awesome personalized service! Check out her salon at http://www.thehairloftltd.com

  5. Nicole,

    You seem very insightful! Where are you a banker? I am in Chicago as well. I started a business several years ago, and I have been profitable for the past three years. Im looking into expanding my business, and I would like a bank/banker that I can work with. Several of my business contacts are also looking for a new bank, so I may be able to bring you some business.

    Jen P.

  6. Nicole,

    As always, personal and practical articles for women like myself. Keep up the great work and happy writing!


  7. I am so glad I found your site on I Am That Girl. My sister just became a blogger for them and I love all the informationa and talent that it houses. I will definitely be a regular on your site. I just read one of your articles by Amanda Miller and found it extremely helpful. Thank you!

  8. Nicole – Awesome blog. I write for a marketing recruiter in Chicago on many of the same topics. Are you on Twitter?

    — Roland

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